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Get to Know Redbooth

Have you ever been to Redbooth? We're pretty proud of our studio and the work that's been done here. Here's a little about the studio and our philosophy. If you don't like reading, feel free to skip ahead to our gear list or our photos.


Redbooth is a professional recording studio in Rochester, NY. We're committed to bringing high-quality sound and production to bands who expect a bit more from a studio. Over 100 artists and labels have chosen to trust their music to Redbooth.

When you come to Redbooth, you'll have a fun and exciting recording experience, and leave with an album that's better than you thought possible. But since anyone can use words like "state of the art" and "world-class" to describe their studio, we'll refrain from that.

Here's why we're different

At Redbooth, you'll never find an indifferent engineer who's more concerned with his cell phone than recording your project. You won't work with an assistant who has more "certifications" than album credits. And you won't be charged extra to work with a producer who insists on using the same techniques they did in 1987.

To be fair, there's nothing wrong with classic recording techniques (we use them all the time!) or newbie assistants (we both started out that way!). But at Redbooth, you'll work directly with two guys who love making artists sound great. We've both played and toured in bands, and understand the challenges of finding a studio that doesn't disappoint.


We're not in Medina anymore! Redbooth is located at the Buffalo Road Business center in Rochester, NY. Though some would say we're "conveniently located", that's hard for us to judge since we don't know where you are. Our studio is quite close to downtown, and less than 1/2 mile from 490. If you're nearby, you should contact us to see the studio in person.

Not in Rochester? That's okay too. Thanks to the internet, we can work from anywhere. Brian and Bryan have edited and mixed projects for artists in NYC, Nashville, LA, and the UK.

The Facility

The studio is roughly 1600 square feet and contains a large main room, a control room, three smaller rooms for isolating amps, a lounge, and the Star Wars Room.

For the gearheads: we run Pro Tools HD and have plenty of recording equipment and instruments. You can check out our gear list for more information.


Redbooth was founded in 2006 by Brian Moore, frontman of the band Seven Head Division. Its original location was in the former Viking Studios in Medina, NY. Brian moved the facility to Pittsford, NY in 2009, and then to its current location in 2010.

In 2011, Brian brought on freelance engineer Bryan Wegman to the one-man staff to pick up some of the work.