Production, Recording, and Mixing in Rochester, NY

Brian Moore, Producer
Brian Moore, owner/producer
Some studios claim to do it all. Why not go somewhere that's tailored to your needs? We'll give anything a shot, but here's what we do best.

Production and Recording

We record solo artists and bands, and especially like working with up-and-coming artists. We're set up for modern multitrack recording, but can also record a band "live" in the studio. This can give you great sounding results at an affordable price--and it's something many smaller facilities aren't equipped for.

There are no staff engineers at Redbooth. All sessions are run by owner/producer Brian Moore himself. This means that for no additional cost, you get a skilled producer (and guitarist and bassist and singer) working on your project.

Brian has recorded/produced projects for Streaker Records, One Eleven Records, Tooth and Nail Records, and many great local artists. Your music will be in great hands at Redbooth.

Live Recording

Want to showcase your live show and treat your fans to something special? We do professional quality live recordings and live concert videos. They're perfect for Youtube or a special edition CD/DVD release.

Our 16-track live recording setup is capable of recording most bands, even in the tightest spaces. We use Focusrite, API, and Trident preamps to ensure the same high-quality recording you get at our studio.

For larger productions, we'll bring more gear. It's that simple!


Let us put our signature touches on the tracks you recorded elsewhere. We will bring a fresh perspective to your project, and give you a high-impact, professional mix.

Come work with us in person, or contact us to discuss our long-distance mixing options.

Digital Editing

Whether they know it or not, listeners have come to expect a flawless performance from rhythm instruments and vocals. Working track by track through your project, we can tighten grooves, fix sloppy drum fills, and make each player sound their best.

Because we work by hand, your songs will never sound quantized or digitally altered. We treat each instrument uniquely, so you'll hear an exciting, natural, mistake-free performance.

Home Recording Enhancement

If you've made the choice to record at home, but struggle to get professional-quality results, we can help! Many of our artists start and home and bring their work to Redbooth for the finishing touches, such as vocal recording or mixing.

We can also advise you on ways to improve the results you get form your home setup. It makes our job easier, and it makes your job more rewarding. We love home recording, and we want to help you get the most from your investment!

We love the challenges involved in stepping into a project late in the game. You will love the results we can get with your tracks.